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Designing Advanced Systems & Capabilities

Solving the Challenges of our Time:

Housing - Hunger - Terrorism

Data Architecture Design

Data wrangling and conditioning so you can then apply advanced statistical and AI techniques. Automating data processes

Advanced Algorithms & Risk Assessment

Developing and applying tailored methods to solve the most challenging problems. Quantitative methods for assessing risk and behavior

Agile Sustainable Community

Integrating 3-D printed houses with hemp adobe and self sufficient power, water, food, and manufacturing to create communities that are safer, self-reliant, and healthier

Sensor Integration

Using advanced sensors and proprietary integration methods to provide advanced decision support in complex situations

“Method and Device for Event Detection Utilizing Data From a Multiplicity of Sensor Sources,”

About Us

Founded in 1988 as Interior Solutions, Inc., by Christine Streetman, the company operated profitably as a small consulting company until 2007. In 2007 the name was changed to Data Architecture Solutions, Inc. to reflect its new mission and focus.

DAS has been a valued partner for the U.S. Government as well as private industry in fields as diverse as sensor integration, terrorism risk assessment, systems engineering, seed genetic development, and stock/bond analysis. We provide world class analysis, modeling, simulation, and data architecture.

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